Enhance Your Smoking Experience With Dopeboo

There are multiple ways to smoke cannabis. But the most widely used way is a bong or a vape. Cool smoke or vapor makes the process of smoking safer. The structure of the bongs or vape makes the smoke filtered and better to smoke. One can go to sites like DopeBoo to buy bongs or vapes.

What are the better ways of smoking?

  1. Bongs:

Bongs are water pipes used to smoke cannabis. They are made from different types of materials like plastic, ceramic, glass, acrylic, etc. It has four main parts. The bowl of the bong holds the cannabis. Downstem guides the smoke to the water. Water in the pipe helps to cool down the smoke and filter it. Then it goes to the mouthpiece via the neck.

One can add another filtration device to make the smoke safer. Water also helps to filter the bacteria to an extent. There can be another device, like a percolator that helps with further cooling.

  1. Vapes

Vape is concerned with heating the liquid to vaporize it instead of burning it. One gets pure vapor using various vaping devices. It helps to filter the unwanted substances from the herbs. The vapes come in a wide range of sizes and colors. You will find a broad spectrum of vaping products in the marketplace. They generally have three parts; a battery, chamber, and substance.

Types of vaporizers

  • Oil vapes

Oil vapes, as the name suggests, contain liquids. The liquid can also contain nicotine. Oils like CBD or THC can be used for smoking. It is easier to vaporize liquid cannabis than a solid.


  • Herbs that are dried

In this type of vape, there are two methods. In one method, the heating is usually in contact with the herbs. The herbs are vaporized using heat. In the second method, hot air vaporizes the herbs.

  • Wax based vapes

Wax is used in this type of vape. The heating devices convert the solid wax into a vapor. The vapor is then inhaled.

DopeBoo- a wide array of selection

Do you need clarification about which side to choose for buying bongs? There is one easiest solution for this confusion. Dopeboo is one of the best sites to buy bongs from. They have a wide selection of pipe vapors and even parts of smoking devices. One can get fancy bongs to enhance the experience of smoking. They also provide some free shipping offers, which help to save money further.

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