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Different types of barber stations for your needs

May 11, 2018 at 7:35 am 0 comments

There are many types and variations of barbershop stations, from wall-mount styling stations, to make up stations, side styling stations, vanities, portable roller styling stations, towel styling stations, and, even mirror styling stations with built-in storage. However, depending on the type of barbershop or salon you have, work performed, and, your clientele’s preference, finding a match should be both simple and meaningful. Purchasing a quality barber station means you will be able to better serve your clients, and, in turn, have both a more meaningful and more convenient experience in your professional barbershop.

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Storage drawers:

Customers have reported this barber station to be an all-around solution for organizing all of your important tools and accessories for your workstation in one, small, compact area also making this great for smaller salons. There are also enough holes and drawers for storage that it’ll be much easier to store and access your curling irons and clippers while you work. Built with compressed wood, and, an entirely laminated surface, the Laredo is easy to clean, and, keep clean over time. It is resistant to water, soap, and other chemicals so it preserves its beauty and condition longer than competitor barber stations. It also includes a disappearing appliance-holder drawer which barbers have found very useful and convenient.


The Icarus Irvine is no exception to the cause, and, is a very stylish, perfect, multi-level barber station for any stylist that has lots of tools, brushes, combs, or other accessories and is looking to get more organized. This barber station not only saves space, but, also adds to the convenience of your work, and, the style of your salon. The Icarus Laredo Black Beauty Salon Hair Styling Station is a very useful, durable, simple design barber station perfect for any salon or barber shop, and is a must-have for at home studios. One happy customer even reported buying three of these for her shop which is always a good sign. Customers love the Icarus brand, and, trust them for all of their salon shop needs and for good reason.