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Why Get A Mesh Screen Door For Your Home?

August 13, 2021 at 6:00 am 0 comments

Your home is your castle, and keeping it free from pests and other outside elements is essential for its comfort and health. But what if your home has an outdoor screen porch or patio? This article will tell you. We will notify you all about our fantastic mesh door product. These mesh screen door with magnets are ideal for homes, offices, workshops, garages, and anywhere else you need to keep out dust, bugs, moisture, heat, and cold. And did I mention they are great for insect control too?

mesh screen door with magnets

What is a Mesh Magnetic Closing Screen?

A “mesh magnetic closing screen” is simply a polyester mesh screen with tiny, petite, nickel, or iron magnets attached to the inside surface. These magnets are strong enough to hold the screen to the inside of any opening (door, window, or part of the house), but they are also small and light enough to easily be pushed through the hole in the screen by a strong magnetized finger on the other side. When you pull your hand with the attached screen through the hole, the screen automatically and quietly closes behind you. This makes it easy to close all openings from the outside without having to remember to use a mechanical device like a spring-loaded door handle or push button.

Perfect For Everyone, Even Pets!

These screens have a great “feel” to them. They work great in all types of weather. And because there are no moving parts, they last for a long time. They can be installed by almost anyone (even if they have never done anything like this before), and they are maintenance-free. Best of all, they don’t interfere with the view from the inside or outside the house. Because there are no hooks or other hardware to snag on clothing or furniture, your family and friends will be able to enter and exit your home with complete confidence freely. You won’t even know these doors are there!

Long-lasting Household Solution

These screens are accessible and affordable to install. They require no electricity, and they are so practical and easy to use, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without them. They are perfect for use in almost any household doorway. Installed correctly, they will provide years of reliable service. Try it today! You’ll be glad you did. Plus, your home will feel fabulous no matter what season it may be.