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Dream Your Home: Buy The Best Condo Worthy of Your Cost

July 31, 2018 at 7:56 am 0 comments

If you are looking for a place to live in Singapore, Fourth Avenue Residences Sixth Avenue MRT Station is a great choice. This is a new launch condo development in the private residential estate of Bukit Timah. If you want to have a secure living, this place all is what you need. You can find the place along the residential area. It is not difficult to locate where you can visit it anytime at your convenience.

The place provides the residents with the utmost security and privacy. They have the 24/7 surveillance around the area which you can ensure of living in a secured condo. The place is great for you especially if you want someplace with an elegant feel and tranquility. The condominium is quite huge, it can accommodate over 445 housing units that are about 359,065 sq.m. each with an area of around 199,478 square feet. The place is great with the area of the land itself, more than that, it has the best facilities to cater to your needs. You can likewise enjoy the outstanding establishments and amenities that surround the place.

new launch condo development

Quality Place

Fourth Avenue Residences is the best condo unit you could decide to. The condominium is well designed by Allgreen Properties Limited. The developer provides a magnificent and in good track record projects. You can assure that the residences units are all in high quality providing you all the comfort of a place to live in. The condominium is the best place for you with its deluxe design and facilities. You don’t need to wander to some other place. With the classy and perfection, you can guarantee yourself the quality worthy of its cost.

Best Facilities

The Fourth Avenue has many facilities the same as the 5-star facilities. The place has a swimming pool, lap pool, gyms, tennis courts, BBQ pit and so forth. If you desire to cool down a bit, you can enjoy its spacious and clear water swimming and lap pools. If you opt to sweat and move your body, their tennis court is accessible to hone your skills. If you find yourself craving for some unique delicacies, you can always visit their BBQ Pit areas. You can likewise gather around with your family and friends for comfy weekend nights. The resort also has the best entertainment and great food to bond with. You can see the fitness facilities with a high-quality finish. You can have the tools and enough variety to accommodate all sorts of exercises.


The residential place is in District 10 at the junction of the Fourth Avenue and Bukit Tamah road. You can find the place in the prime location of Singapore making it a more ideal place to settle down. If your worries are the transportation, erase that in your mind. The place is a walking distance from MRT stations. You can have your transportation in the most convenient time anywhere you opt to go. You can likewise go to some nearby places without any hassle.

The place is a convenient and ideal place to live in. You need not worry a thing. You can have the essential facilities for your daily needs. You can get some of your necessities in the nearby amenities. As well as commuting to some places anytime you want.