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All About Fascia: Understand the Importance of Your Fascia

October 26, 2019 at 10:49 am 0 comments

Do you feel achiness from all over your body? Or perhaps, some muscle tightness? The reason could be something you probably not aware of – the fascia.

Fascia is a thin layer of connective tissues that are linked to your muscles. It provides muscle and structure support – that’s why you’re standing up today. Your muscles could be strong, but fascia is the key to keep them stable and safe to let you do your everyday activities and movements.

Imagine this: your body is like orange fruit. If the outer rind is your skin, and the orange pulp is your muscles, then the transparent membrane that surrounds the pulp is the same as your fascia.

Although, this tissue may not be as glamorously strong as it seems, or toned muscles like the others, fascia’s role is essential like the functionalities of muscle. Meaning, it is something that you should not ignore.

Essential Functions of Fascia

Fascia is an essential internal part of your body. It helps your muscles to support stability and flexibility. Once your fascia is unhealthy, you will feel moderate to severe pain in the affected areas. To prevent the achiness, you may use a massaging tool to relax the muscles stiffness and tightness. You can use a fasciablaster, handheld massaging tool that will help to release the pressure on the affected areas.


But before that, you must first understand the importance of fascia, and why you should not ignore it.

  1. It Keeps You Feel Younger

Aching shoulders, stiff joints, and tight muscles are symptoms that can be found in an aging person. Though, it doesn’t have to be in that way. But with a healthy fascia, you don’t usually feel the groans and creaks of your body.

Also, fascia helps the works inside your body the way it supposed to be without any stiffness and pain. Meaning, you will feel more energize and pumped up, and you will able to do any activities that you did when you were still younger. It could be hiking, enjoying sports like basketball, and playing with your kids and grandkids.

  1. It Promotes Good Posture

If you’re born with a good posture, it means that you have a strong fascia that keeps supporting your muscles from the beginning. However, as the year passes by, your posture will start to slide as you age. So when that happens, your fascia will support the new position of your muscles. Because of this, your posture will return to its normal posture – well, thanks to fascia’s strong support.

  1. Support Your Muscles and Organs

Because of the new trend in fascia blasting, it is only recently that experts and scientists gave their effort to study and broaden the information about fascia. Meaning, it’s not yet concrete and widely understood compared to other studies.

Fascia surrounds each of your body muscles and organs by separating them and let it slide easily in sync with your body movement.

According to Ashley Black, fascia expert, entrepreneur, and the designer of fasciablaster have said that fascia is present from head to toe, inside and out of the tissue system, and present from arm to arm. It penetrates every cranny and nook of the bodies to support stability and flexibility.