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How Does the Online Dating Trend Improves Relationships

May 31, 2018 at 7:46 am 0 comments

If you have been single for quite some time, you have probably received pressure from family and friends to start dating and settle down soon. For some people, they find it easy to strike up a conversation with a complete stranger in a bar or a party they are attending. Fortunately, these people will not have a problem searching for dates.

Meanwhile, what if you’re the opposite of that? If you’re not the kind to brave the traditional dating scene, is there another way to conveniently meet people? Luckily, the digital age brings with it online dating. While there may be others who cringe at the thought of it, some people actually find it benefiting.

traditional dating scene

Let’s look at a few impacts that online dating provides:

Online couples are not far-off from “traditional” couples

You’ll be surprised to learn that studies found no difference in the relationship quality between couples who met traditionally versus those who first met online. While the latter may have first come across each other behind a screen, it’s no different than being introduced or meeting someone in school, in the office, or at a party.

The couples may have started in ways but bear in mind their commitment to each other is the key. With online couples openly and actively communicating, they tend to reveal more of themselves resulting in a much stronger bond.

Online dating widens your chances of finding your ideal mate

Incidentally, the same study found that online dating is a tremendous asset to people wading in narrow dating markets, like the LGBT population. With the expanded platform of the social media, you have higher chances of meeting potential mates outside your zone or better yet outside your geography.

Aside from this, there are now available apps and online sites that are now niche-specific. Again, it increases your chances of finding a potential date since these apps or sites cater to like-minded people.  Adore your dog that much? There’s an app that allows you to meet singles thru your dogs.

If you love music, there’s a specific app that lets you find a date with the same music taste. Likewise, if you admire men with beards, there’s an app designed for that.

Internet activity increased the marriage rate

While online dating does not necessarily end up in marriage, however, it is good to learn that the social media is not killing monogamy as some may have claimed it. Others may use online dating as a channel for that specific purpose to date, but you can’t erase the fact that there are others who are hoping to find that elusive love online.

With several popular social media platforms allowing people to communicate, research discovered that with more people using the internet, marriage rates increased.