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Is a Creative Agency the same as a Digital Agency?

August 17, 2018 at 6:48 am 0 comments

Creative Agency VS Digital Agency? The similarities are numerous, to say the least. To be able to differentiate between the two, however, let us define them first. A creative agency is a company that encompasses all forms of designing creative work for other brands and businesses. They specialize in creating visual content like CD covers, packaging, logos, and until- recently creative digital content as well. These agencies are often highly in demand as there are countless companies who want their identities represented in some unique visual and graphical form. A creative agency is also usually a company that uses outside partners to fully market their work. Although the arena is changing, the creative agency is king when it comes to print design services, let me change that, they rule when it comes to design.

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      What does it mean then to be a Digital Agency? The heart of the description simplified is that a digital agency is a company that gives that “creative, strategic, and technical development” of screen-based products and services. It is however so much more than print vs. screen. DIgital agencies do not have their work cut out for them as there is an endless number of customization options for digital products. So much so that the question becomes How rather than what. How will the customers interact? How can we deliver an advertisement targeted to these demographics – in that form of media. Media in this context would mean anywhere from phones, tablets, smart televisions and even digital billboards. More and more companies are putting their money on digital agencies. After all, a recent study has put the number of shoppers at a staggering 51% of them who want to shop online. This combined with the long and saturating reach of the internet is making digital agencies grow at an exponential rate. Advertisers are now turning to them for their needs online.

        Traditionally, these two are very easy to tell apart. Creative Agencies is to print and digital is to screen. However Important medium now includes Mobile, Social Networks, digital Kiosks, applications, podcasts,video, blogs and digital signage. How people Interact via a specific medium is what a digital agency is geared towards. Branding and strategy retain the same principles but is really never that simple and are not limited to traditional agencies anymore. While it is true that using a Digital agency will make for the most cost effective use of your money, how anything looks is still the key to getting more hits and more clicks. A good example of a digital agency is dbox digital, check out their services to see a balance between creativity and its media application.