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How to make a police complaint?

April 17, 2021 at 5:23 am 0 comments

Many people go to the police station to register complaints. But to register the complaint formally, it has to be a complaint with the magistrate or FIR with the police. The age today is a digital one where everything happens at the tip of fingers.

When can a police complaint be filed?

The National Police Association allows the complaint to be made when any crime has taken place. Likewise, many times it is marital rape, sexual harassment, domestic violence, etc. Only the people facing the trauma has to come out to file the complaint. If there is any delay, one can make a police complaint. Anyone can file a complaint. It can be the victim themselves or the family members of the victim.

National Police Association


Offline way of filing complaint

  1. Write the complaint and address it to the senior officer.
  2. Please send it to the police station through Registered Post Acknowledgement Due.
  3. The police, on receiving the complaint, will file an FIR against the criminal. The police can also go to the complainant’s residence and criminal to know the complete crime details.

Online way of filing complaint

  1. The online procedure varies from state to state. And it happens only on the internet.
  2. A copy of the complaint has to be sent by the registered email address of the victim.
  3. The complainant must give a working email address along with a whatsapp number while filing the complaint.

The police evidence given by National Police Association works as evidence in the criminal trial. The police statement is taken as support for the victim. The police should work properly towards giving only honest reviews. While filing FIR, be prepared to be questioned by the police. Always reply honestly, and you can even help the police. Police complaints can be lodged against many people at once.