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Online Chatting Apps – Boon or Ban

June 5, 2018 at 7:15 am 0 comments

There was a time when the choice of partners for their children was in the hands of the parents. Parents use to choose an appropriate partners for their children and they also agreed upon the decisions made by their parents. But todays youth believes in making all the choices of their life on their on whether it is regarding their careers or married lives. People today don’t believe in those old traditions of marrying the partner by their parents rather they find the type of partner they like. Dating app has played a crucial part in these decisions.

dating apps

Dating apps are a better way of approaching someone and knowing them before getting stuck into a deep conversation personally. People in the dating apps find the person they like check their compatibility with them and then come to any final decision.

How dating apps changed the society?

Online dating apps have lead to interracial marriages which helps in connecting different communities.People get to know about the cultures of different peoples and enjoy it. People are now more prone to dating online by making the swipes, chats, dates, and so on. This method of finding the partners online is becoming very popular.

It doesn’t effect that whether you are into casual encounters or looking for friendships or you want a serious relationship, dating apps makes all the problems simplified just by making a single click by installing the application. Dating app makes the connections between persons easier. With the introduction of dating apps now the search for perfect partner is not only confined to the desktop at your home rather you can search partner at anytime and anywhere. These apps make you find the persons who are near to you which makes it easier to find a last minute date.

Characteristics of dating apps

  • Easy and safe to use
  • Free to download
  • Safe from any hacking
  • Provides location feature
  • Introduces near by people
  • Helps in finding people anytime and anywhere

These apps had proved to be a boon for the people many people have found their life partners by these apps and have further recommended others too. These apps have shaped the lives of many people by giving them the partners of whom they always desired.

But this method also has some negative side as well like if the person displays a fake image of him or her in front of others leading to a fake relationship with lack of trust and love. People should be aware of the partners and their genuineness about how they react to their talks and many more can be looked before selecting a partner online for his or her loyalty.