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Richelieu Dennis: The founder of sundial brands

October 1, 2021 at 6:55 am 0 comments

In 91’ Richelieu Dennis pursue his college in Babson college from Liberia with full of dreams. Then he started a citrus business in his home. Later on graduation day he changed his plans and ideas from the lessons learned from Babson College. Due to his hard work and involvement he became the founder of sundial brands.

Why Richelieu Dennis was appreciated by everyone?

After completing his studies, Richelieu Dennis started to expose him to the world. He tried a lot to overcome the problem of inequality in beauty side. He has created many high quality programs for all the black women. Due to his efforts he had a great result by achieving almost $100 million new funds for the empowerment of black women entrepreneurs.

Awards and honors received by Richelieu Dennis:

Richelieu Dennis was appreciated highly for the work he has done. Here are some honors or award received by Richelieu Dennis.

  • In commencement ceremony Richelieu Dennis received an honorary doctor in degree of laws.
  • Then he received another honorary degree from amla maters. At that honorary day he gave a complete explanation about his job and the meaning of the award he has received.
  • He was honoured inspired by many entrepreneurs for his leadership qualities.

These are some known awards by everyone but apart from this he was appreciated and inspired by many black women entrepreneurs. He considered this inspiration also can be compared equally to awards.

After achieving all the success he never forgets his college, so made a tie up and partnership with Babson College by serving on board of trustees too. In many places he used to say that he was inspired by the people those who have achieved from the community that Richelieu Dennis has come. Hope this information about Richelieu Dennis will be very motivated for any young entrepreneurs.