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How to dating apps make money

August 11, 2018 at 8:09 am 0 comments

Dating sites are the most popular among user to be linked to a partner. These sites have saved a lot of shy and introverts people. However, have you thought about what the profit they get by doing that? Nothing comes for free and so does it. Well, the fact is it does not come free. Some ways help the developers of the sites and apps to make money. That is why so many free music dating apps are coming up in the recent years and made online dating so popular.

Premium plans

All free music dating app is free to use the basic features but they have an unrestricted area for the ones that don’t pay. All have an additional feature in their free version, which is the area that makes them make money. This is where they generate their money. You may think that who is a fool to pay money when they get the basic thing in the apps. Well, the thing is the premium thing help you find a perfect match or the distance you can look for your match. Most apps make money in this basic way.

free music dating apps


The mobile apps make a lot of money from the third party to display absence into their sites. With the emergence of Google ads, this process has an extreme boost. With Google ads, you don’t have to walk around to advertisers produce your ads to display. You just have to register yourself in the adsense and google is going to pay you for the ads that are going to be displayed in your sites. This is a permit way to make money.

Subscription or else restricted

Some free music dating app has a trial period to access their features after that the services would be canceled until you take a subscription. However, the subscription is also a limited offer that expires after a certain number of days. This is a way to continuously make money from the users; well these versions are among the high-quality apps.


 You will nothing come free. However, the most effective way to make money is through ads and hence if you are not into those purchasing thing apps still makes money from the ads.