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Softball Bats categories: its similarities and differences

August 12, 2018 at 10:10 am 0 comments

Actually, there are two categories of softball bats. They are treated as the most famous games of softball: slow pitch softball and fastpitch softball. Although they are completely identical yet there some major distinction between the two of them. Slow pitch bats have variance design as compared to fastpitch softball bats.

  • The Slow pitch softball bats- are bulky and big compared to fastpitch the usual weight ranges between 26 ounces to 30 ounces. The slow pitch and fastpitch bats have the same length with an utmost length of 34 inches. These bats are made up of a combination of aluminum, alloy or wood material. The barrel on slow pitch softball bats can be single or double covered wall. The cost of both slow pitch and fastpitch have the same price scope.
  • Fastpitch softball – has a precise and more modernized construction. The barrel on these bats is not divided from the handle. These bats are not heavy in weight with an average fastpitch bat having a weight between 23 ounces to 28 ounces. Batters in this game have a very definite response in time, so the player could move the lightly weighted bat back and forth.

fastpitch softball bats

Best slow pitch softball bats 2018 and its short descriptions:

  • Mizuno Nighthawk Slow Pitch End Load Softball Bat- this is considered as one of the best ends loaded slow pitch softball bats. Mizuno is believed to be generating quality softball bats yearly and this bat is a proof to the company’s assurance of quality and supremacy. The barrel of the bat features a considerable sweet spot, making it simple to hit exactly and positively.
  • Miken Freak 20th Anniversary ASA Balanced MF20BA- is another bat that is considerably wonderful. Miken is famous for generating superb slowpitch bats that integrates excellent achievements with great style and looks. This bat is no omission to this Miken belief. The bat’s handle is flexible that enables the bat to carry a great beating result during swinging.
  • Mizuno No Doubt Slow Pitch Balanced Softball Bat- these bats are regarded as trustworthy, high-performing and at the same time, almost inexpensive. It is made of a high-quality mixed material that gives the player an excellent batting experience.

Why is it important to consider the brand in choosing softball bats?

Since it has been advertised, slow pitch and fast pitch softball are speedily growing and the number of sellers at the same time is increasing. Picking the best bats might be an awkward process, but once the player knows the top quality brands the player can easily narrow down his alternatives. If ever a player needs a slow pitch or fast pitch softball bats, here are the most famous brands that the player needs to consider:

  • Easton
  • DeMarini
  • Louisville
  • Mike

What are the important things the player needs to look when choosing a softball bat?

  • Certified Associations: the player must see to it that every time he wants to buy a new softball bat, these markings should always be a check upon purchase: USSSA, ASA, or ISF This marking shows that a player is allowed to play the given group.
  • Design- it simply means the particular design of the bat that includes the shape and the color.
  • Weight- one important aspect to be considered in choosing a softball bat is the weight. It fully depends on the player’s options and discretion.
  • Length- once the player has chosen the correct calculation, he can integrate them with the weight and this combination will provide the player the suitable bat length.