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Simple Tricks To Find Your Router’s IP Address Using Different Platforms

July 3, 2018 at 5:38 am 0 comments

The “IP Address” or the Internet Protocol Address is a numerical sequence that is being assigned to each device which is connected to a computer network that uses an Internet Protocol for communication. So when any of your devices connect to a computer network, it will also connect to a site’s IP that will be its home site. When this happens, all of your devices will share the same IP which will be the Public IP of the router or the modem.

How To Find Your IP Address

Many would wonder, What is my ip address for my router? The IP Address is also like your contact address. In the computer world, and IP address is the specific address where the information is being sent to in order to reach your computer. So if in any case that you need to find your IP address for configuration or changes that you would like to make, here are some simple steps on how to look for it using any platform.

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Find IP Address In Windows

The IP Address is the “Default Gateway” on your network connection information in Windows. In order to get to that, you can access the Command Prompt using the ipconfig command. The graphics interface can also lead you to your default gateway. Just follow the instructions below:

  • Click Start
  • Type “Control Panel” then select Enter. This will lead you to the “Network and Internet” Category.
  • Click the “View Network Status and Tasks” link. This will direct you to the “Network and Sharing Center” window.
  • Select the name of your network connection to open the “Ethernet Status” window.
  • Click Details button
  • The network connection details open and your default gateway is on the list.

Find IP Address In Mac OS X

When you are using Mac and you want to find your IP address, it’s pretty easy! You just have to click the “Apple” Menu at the top of your screen then select “System Preferences.” On this window, select the “network” icon and your network connection. Then click “Advanced” at the bottom of the screen. This will lead you to the “network” window where you can select “TCP/IP” tab. In here, you will be able to find your router’s IP address listed as “Router.”

Find IP Address In iPhone or iPad

Using your iPhone or your iPad, you simply have to head on your “Settings” then select “Wi-fi.” select the name of your Wifi network name and you will see where the information about your router’s IP address listed as “Router.”

Find IP Address In Android

Sadly, Android does not support this action. It does not provide a way for you to be able to view your network connection information. However, there are third-party apps that can give you access to this information. On these applications, just look for the “Gateway” IP address.

When it comes to finding your router’s IP address, these are the simplest ways on how to get this information without asking for help from the experts. These are very basic steps yet you need to familiarize yourself with these things to help you at times when you need your router’s IP address information