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What To Look For When Buying An RC Truck

March 29, 2019 at 9:47 am 0 comments

RC (remote controlled) vehicles are these miniature sized vehicles powered by batteries and controlled by a remote control. In all vehicles that you can think of, you can expect that there’s an RC counterpart of it. Its a good toy for all ages. Whatever age group you are, you can expect that there will be an RC vehicle that is right for you. If you’re looking for one, you might want to consider buying an RC truck.

Just like its actual counterpart, there is an exact vehicle where these RC trucks were tailored for. These trucks have unique characteristics of their own. Not all RC trucks will perform the same and that is because its different in terms of size, power, set up and many many more. So if you’re out looking for one, for you or for someone, there are things that you need to consider and those things are found below.

Consider the age of the user: As mentioned above, players of these RC trucks ranges from youngest to oldest. No matter how old or young you are, there will always be an RC truck that is right for you. As expected, RC trucks for the younger players have lessers specs, lesser power, and so on and the higher the age of the player is, you can expect that every aspect of the RC truck will be higher as well as the price.

RC trucks

Consider the price: Speaking of price, you do need to consider the price as well. You need to have a budget range that you can work with. You need to stick to your budget and going over it should not be an option.

Consider the specs: The specs sheet will provide you a comprehensive detail on the specifications of an RC truck. You need to read these specifications because these specifications affects the performance of the RC truck. From the specifications alone, you can already tell what the car is good for and whether or not its the right RC truck for you. If you’re looking for the best ones, below are a few of the best ones that are out on the market today:

Name Recommended Age Drive System Scale
Volcano EXP Redcat Racing Truck5 14 years + 4 WD 01:10
Maisto R/C Rock Crawler 8 – 15 years 4 WD 01:12
Click N’ Play 8 years + 4 WD 01:18
Remote Control Car Distianert (Editors’ Choice) 7 years + 4 WD 01:18
New Bright 2430 4 – 15 years 2 WD 01:24
Top Race RC Rock Crawler 8 years+ 4WD 01:18
Blexy Off-Road RC Car 12 years+ 4WD 01:22
Greek per Electric RC Car 8 years+ 4WD 01:12

RC trucks are one of the most sought after RC vehicles there is because these trucks are known for their all around capabilities in various terrain in land. If you’re looking to buy one, you need to consider the things mentioned above and click here to read a few remote control truck review online.