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Guide To Choosing The Right Suit Styles and Perfect Fit

October 5, 2018 at 5:40 am 0 comments

Having a good suit in every man’s life is important. The suit is useful for work and it can also act as body armor and make a man feel like he can take on the world. A good suit can actually bring the confidence in and can often do the job too. If you go in search of your perfect suit, take a look at Combatant Gentlemen. You can have the details on the shop that will inform you about each suit. Spotting the things others would miss and use them well for your next buy is vital. The following can be your guide in buying the right suit.

Suit Measurement GuideCombatant Gentlemen

An ill-fitting suit is not essential at all. You need to look for the suit that is not A too tight for it will look restrictive. The suits that are too big will only look bulky and awkward, it will never look good. Thus, you need to search on for suits with the right fit. The suit can be your confidence source but it can make or break a look as well. A perfect suit has the right fit to the shoulders, slim through the body and trousers but not too slim. A well tapered with a break before the shoe is also an ideal style. Choosing the right fit will be worth the effort to avoid discomfort when wearing your suit. Know the main things to look out for:

  • The Shoulders. Keep the shoulder pads lie flat. It should not protrude beyond your own shoulders. For taking the right measure, ensure that the seam of the shoulder should meet the seam of the sleeve. This is where your arm meets your shoulder. Make sure that the seam that connects these parts of the jacket is not dangling down for it will not sit right.
  • The Length of the Jacket. This is the best part that you should look for. To get it right, check if the back of the jacket falls comfortably in a straight line. The bottom edge should be draping over the top of the curve formed by the buttocks but no lower than your knuckles. It should not fall past above the buttocks or sag. You should be able to cup your fingers under the sides of your suit jacket when your arms are hanging.
  • The Length of the Sleeve. To measure this, the sleeve should never fall any lower than the base of your thumb. Try to show about half an inch of the shirt beyond the jacket cuff. If it does, then you get it right.
  • The Closure. Your suit should fit around your stomach but not too tight to avoid the awkward gaping at the buttons. You can make an allowance for about a fist’s worth of room between yourself and the jacket.Combatant Gentlemen
  • The Seat or The Butt. To get this right, make sure that it won’t pull tight against your buttocks. If there is a horizontal strain under the buttocks, drape loosely down the backs of your thighs. You will notice gathered material at this point.
  • The Trouser Break. Your trousers should touch your shoe. Yet, it should only rest on the top of your shoe but it shouldn’t do much more than that. Remember that trousers that are too long will look sloppy.