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An Ideal Staycation at Botanik Residence Hillview Avenue

August 3, 2018 at 7:16 am 0 comments

Have you ever wanted to just have a nice staycation somewhere away from the bustling city? Somewhere nice and cozy that allows you to forget about work, life struggles and a lot of things that stresses you out.

Basically, there a lot of things people loves about having a staycation. First, it’s nice to feel and stay in a home away from home. A new home which gives you reasons to relax and contemplate to give you more focus. Second is, you can do and wear whatever you want because people won’t know you anyway. Your old neighbor is nowhere to be found, and your officemate are not around the corner.

Residence Hillview Avenue

It’s basically sort of a quick but refreshing vacation. At Botanik Residence Hillview Avenue can be a good potential place to host a staycation for yourself or for the whole family. In there a lot of new places and can be checked out and a lot of new dining places to try since malls and restaurants are just nearby.

To give you an idea on what you can do around the place, here’s a quick guide to make the most of your staycation.

3 Tips and Guide

The Botanik Residence is a freehold development located at Hillview area in 1 Jalan Remaja by the Tuan Sing Holdings. It is actually a condo hotel with neighboring malls, market place and restaurants. Which means, the avenue have a lot to offer than just sitting on the bed watching movies.

While staycation is something that must be thoroughly planned. Here are tips to make the best of your staycation at Botanik Residence Hillview Avenue.

  1. Get work done before going to a staycation

It’s best that you leave work at home, don’t bring it with you on your staycation. You must going there free of tasks and loads to do.

  1. Enjoy the place and view

Simply enjoy the place and the view it gives. Don’t go there thinking about home and the tasks you’ve left. It must be a sensational feeling for you, where you can finally have the day to relax and just be yourself, free from responsibilities and free from stress.

  1. Don’t just stay inside the hotel, go around the neighborhood

The very reason why malls and shopping market are nearby because they are there to entertain the guests. Don’t just stay at the hotel all day long, but instead take time to go outside and checkout what they have to offer. Go to the mall and checkout what new stuffs you can buy and bring home. Or go to the dining place by night to have a sumptuous meal.

Seriously, there are a lot of things to do around Botanik Residence Hillview Avenue. You can also get your own unit and live with the place! For more information you can simply go to