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Fourth Avenue Residences Sixth Avenue MRT Station Heart of Bukit Timah Road

July 31, 2018 at 6:50 am 0 comments

Nowadays, everything becomes smart and simple. Like, there come smartphones from mobile phones and even the modern city changes into the smart city. Everything is changed according to the modern life we live. And, there occur some changes in Singapore. Singapore is the city which is too modern and there have many tourist places. In Singapore, there come some changes in the Bukit Timah Road, where many people live in the area. There were many hotels, theatres and school nearer to the Bukit Timah road.

Bukit Timah road

Development in the Road:

The change is that the Allgreen properties have conquered the area of the fourth avenue residences sixth avenue MRT station in the road.  After many bids of various companies to the area, the Allgreen properties successfully bought by winning the bid worth of $553M. The area has all the facilities with the school and offices nearby.

The Bukit-Timah is the residential area located in the central location of Singapore. This consists of seven sub-zones with the huge number of facilities like many hotels, café, and the petrol bunks.  The fourth avenue residences are named after Singapore’s highest point of the hill which is densely populated by tigers. After many bids of fourth avenue residences sixth avenue MRT station the Allgreen properties had conquered them for the lease of 99 years.

Best in Bukit-Timah Road:

The Bukit-Timah road has many natural types of scenery and the best places to visit. There is a Bukit Timah nature reserve which has many wild animals from Singapore’s highest point of the hill in order to save the wildlife. This is one of tourist place for the tourists to enjoy climbing up the hill or to have a walk. Some may love to ride in the horse and there has the Bukit Timah Saddle club where they can have rides in the horses.  Some may love to enjoy the moments with natural scenes like the garden. And, the Botanical garden of Singapore is located on the same road, where one can spend their time happily.

It also has some luxurious places where the very important person or the royal family can enjoy their time. The place is the Clubs in Bukit Timah has a grand ballroom, pubs, and a pool. There also have the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) stations which form the major railway system in Singapore covering the city.

Hence, it is easy to travel to Fourth avenue residences sixth avenue MRT stations in Bukit Timah road. The development on fourth avenue residences can make more developments in Singapore.