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Private luxury on the sea

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The name ‘mega yacht’

The word ‘mega’ yacht was first used by a yacht broker named George Nicholson of Camper and Nicholson and was quoted in one of the first issues of Power and Motor yacht magazine in 1985. It was   then used in many media reports in other places. There are currently more than 10,000 mega yachts in the world with around 150 new ones delivered every year.

Mega yachts and Super yachts

Mega yachts and Super yachts

Such yachts are always luxury yachts in the hands of a private owner. They have a professional crew and many amenities. Today mega yachts and super yachts are considered one and the same. There is no standard to distinguish them in the industry. According to some definitions the super yacht is larger. Since 1997 the popularity of large private luxury yachts shot up. Mega yachts are now larger and with luxurious interiors, designed usually by the owners or commissioned by them. They are typically in the 24 to 70 meter size. The average size of a mega yacht on sale is 41 meters.

The interior of the yacht

The smaller size mega yachts usually have 4 decks. The lower deck has room for 3 or 4 guests, the crew, and there is an engine room separating the two. A swimming pool is also seen on this deck. On the main deck you find the owners set of rooms and the entrance in the middle of the ship. You also find a saloon, a dining room and a galley. On the upper deck you have a sheltered area for dining, a second saloon, the bridge and the captain’s cabin. The sun deck is the uppermost deck and it is the area for sunbathing and relaxing. A number of amenities are available as per the wishes of the owner, like televisions and audio visual systems etc. In larger yachts you are likely to have two or three decks below the water line and many more amenities such as a helicopter pad. In these large yachts everything is bigger and you usually find a VIP suite with amenities almost equal to those of the owner.

Facility to charter a yacht

Mega Yachts can also be chartered. Sometimes the owners rent it out for part of the year to cover expenses. Brokers who deal in the sale of yachts also facilitate the charter of yachts.