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One stop destination for all zoning tools

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Air conditioning zoning systems consist of several components. There will be a zone control board that connects to your heating and cooling system. As the name itself indicates each zone in your home will have a different thermostat. So, it can be said that duct system is modified in a way that air flow at each zone can be activated or deactivated by a zone damper. This makes the heating and cooling system in your home to provide conditioned air only to the areas that need it. By this zoning, you can also reduce the load that falls on the system, and which in turn leads to reduced energy use.  The main advantage of zoning is, you can have perfect control over the temperature and comfort of each zone of your home. Black Hawk Supply offers best zone damper parts and accessories. At Black Hawk Supply you can find a wide range of zoning accessories, controls, tools and replacement parts that are used and related to zoning your home heating, cooling, duct system.

zoning controls

Zoning your home cooling and the system will offer increased temperature flexibility comfort, convenience, and energy efficiency. At Black Hawk supply, you can find top quality zoning controls, zone dampers, and all other air conditioning parts and zoning accessories. Zoning your heating and cooling system is just like lightening your home with switches. For example, to lighten your home, you will have individual light switches in each room of your home. It doesn’t make any sense, if all lights have only one switch to on and off them and if there is control of each room. Similarly, Zoning allows you to have different temperature control in different areas of your home. The main reasons for why zoning is done is as follows:

In one zone of the home, an individual can prefer it to be cooler, whereas, in another zone, another individual can prefer it to be warmer

Some parts of the home are left unoccupied for long periods of time

Halls and living areas are often used during different times of the day than sleeping areas

Offices will have more heat gains due to electronic equipment where other areas do not.

Upstairs areas have different heat gains compared to downstairs areas.

Hence, it is best to add zoning at your home by someone who is professional in it as there would be a lot of ductwork that needs modification and motorized dampers that need to be installed perfectly and finally bypass dampers that must be sized properly.