Clinc: Building Better Technologyto Enhance Human Capabilities

Life has changed a lot since the nineties, hasn’t it? The world which is now twenty years behind doesn’t feel that long ago. The 90s just feel like a time where we were young and never realized how much we have grown. But even though twenty years is a lot of time the change that has happened, in every field – infrastructure, technology, overall developments, all these changes happened way too fast and way too quickly. Now we have the highest power technology in our palms as our smartphone. These smartphones are capable to handle all our works and make life a thousand times easier. And in recent times, the topic of digital detox would not make sense since nothing can be done without technology, people nowadays can barely take a long social media detox but they can’t do without digital since everything is now digital and even countries, that aren’t much developed, are also moving towards digital development.

Now, what more has technology done for us?

Conservational AI

The biggest development in the last 20 years was Artificial Development. This term has skyrocketed its value in such a small period that an idea that was considered an impossible dream is becoming true. AI is used in many things, robotics, industries, and with Clinc, AI would be your new best friend too. Something who you will create for yourself!

This AI development goes a step beyond robotic understanding. It helps in understanding the most important factor that constitutes a human which is empathy and emotional understanding. Robots were never considered something that can have that capability, but with recent developments in Clinc, the same is now possible and accessible to you too! It would be beneficial to many people who are working on mental health issues to understand people better.

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