Dbox digital for an exciting viewing experience

Dbox is known for redefining and creating realistic entertainment for the public by moving the body and creating imagination with the help of motion. This expertise is rare, which is why Dbox digital has collaborated with the best entertainment companies in the world to provide enhanced stories to the viewers. Dbox aims to move the world, whether it is video games, movies or virtual reality apps. Today, the majority of the movies made in Hollywood provide Dbox version for commercial theatres, Blu-ray and for the DVD. Hence, the award-winning technology Dbox has become a standard that is being followed worldwide.

Dbox technology

The Dbox screening rooms

The screening rooms that have box look exactly the same as the normal cinema halls, but they have a few rows with special chairs that are put and reserved in the centre. These chairs are made in a way that they shake, pitch, tilt and rattle with the scene and actions that are being played on the screen. In order to accommodate the chairs with action, some extra space between the chairs is necessary. The seats with Dbox technology have leg rests, cup holders and no kind of seat belt.

People who should avoid dbox seats

Well, seats with dbox technology sound interesting but children who are under 10 and weighing below 45 pounds, elderly people with some kind of neck, back or heart ailment and pregnant ladies are advised not to use these chairs. Dbox is not responsible for any kind of damage that is caused by dbox because viewers are required to sign a waiver before purchasing a ticket and before getting it printed.

Overall,  the whole Dbox experience is quite a mixed one because the screen movement is not sophisticated. But, the best thing is that the users have control over the movements of the chair.

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